Online Resources for A1-A2 Students

Theme-based sliders and quizzes

Our visual / audio sliders are an effective tool to memorize and review vocabulary and conjugation patterns by yourself in the same way you would with physical flashcards. As for the rest of the course, the content is based on the A1-A2 level descriptors and you will recognize the same visual cues used in class.


Most sliders feature command buttons to translate or hide words, mute / unmute audio or a combination of both. These options can help you put the emphasis alternately on your reading skills or your listening skills. Though English translation is always available, we recommend our students to familiarize themselves with the images and icons in sliders as they are the same used during oral simulations and other communicative activities in class.

Slider: Emotions - level A1
Quiz: Météo - level A1


Our quizzes are either based on visual cues, audio recordings, or written text and they feature different difficulty levels. They can help you develop your listening skills as well as your writing and spelling skills or simply test yourself on your knowledge of the vocabulary learned in class.

While our online resources are only a part of our courses, they are meant as a strong supplemental tool to in-person classes. With a stronger knowledge of the vocabulary and grammar presented in class, you can focus your efforts on practicing oral conversation during your instruction time.