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Formats & In-Person class schedules 2022

Option 1: 2 hours twice a week (4.5 months)

With courses offered in the mornings and evenings, this format is ideal for busy professionals who wish to learn French at a slower but steady pace. It is also a popular option for younger parents as the schedule aligns with most school breaks, included the summer break. For students looking to keep up with language training all year round, conversation classes are offered in the summer and provide a great supplement to review and consolidate knowledge of course material and anticipate the next session in the fall.

Course Schedule Dates Fees
A2.1 (72 hrs)* Mon+Wed 7-9 pm Feb 01-Jun 22 $1080
A1 (72 hrs)* Tue+Wed 7-9 pm Feb 02-Jun 09 $1080
A1 (72 hrs) Tue+Thu 8-10 am Feb 16-Jun 24 $1080
A2.1 (72 hrs) Tue+Thu 10:30-12:30 Feb 16-Jun 24 $1080

* A 25% discount will be automatically applied to total fees upon registration for students who were already registered in the course before the spring lockdown and would like to resume the program.

Option 2: 2 hours 3 times a week (3 months)

This format is best suited for students with time-sensitive goals who need to achieve a specific level at a faster pace. Courses are taught all year round regardless of school breaks except for statutory holidays and registration takes place 4 times a year.

Course Schedule Dates Fees
A1 (72 hrs) Mon+Wed+Fri 8-10 am Jan 04-Mar 29 $1080
A1 (72 hrs) Mon+Wed+Fri 10:30-12:30 Jan 04-Mar 29 $1080
A1 (72 hrs) Mon+Wed+Fri 8-10 am Apr 07-Jun 30 $1080
A2.1 (72 hrs) Mon+Wed+Fri 10:30-12:30 Apr 07-Jun 30 $1080

Registration & Fees

Group classes start with a minimum of 4 students and a maximum of 6 students. This low teacher-student ratio helps maintain the right balance between the need for active, sustained oral participation for every student and a sufficient number of students to keep lessons interactive and fun.

Registration typically starts 2-3 weeks before the program. A one-month deposit is required to secure a spot in one of our classes. In case of low registration or last-minute withdrawals, a class may be canceled and full refunds will be issued.

We charge a one-time $30 registration fee for all programs.