Private & Semi-Private Classes

  Learn at your own pace

  Enjoy flexible scheduling and rescheduling

  Packages starting at $40.00 /40-minute sessions

  Free, no-commitment 30-minute trial class

  Conveniently offered at two locations (High Park & Bloor or Islington & Norseman)

Consider private classes if…

Rates & Packages

The following table shows all available one-on-one / semi-private packages for the fall term 2019.

Private and Semi-Private classes may be canceled and/or recheduled at no cost with at least a 24-hour notice.

All packages must be used within 3 months of purchase date.

All 24-class packages are reserved for twice-a-week options only.

Primary purpose Class length 12-class package 24-class package
Conversation classes (from level A2) 40 min $480 (@40.00) $840 (@35.00)
Comprehensive course A1-B2 60 min $780 (@65.00) $1,440 (@60.00)
Comprehensive course A1-B2 90 min $1,080 (@90.00) $1,920 (@80.00)

Semi-private Options

Two students: for each package add 35% of package price to total fees or contact us for a quote.

Three students:: for each package add 25% per student to total fees or contact us for a quote.