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French as a Second Language training for adults

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Who we are

Asset French® is a second language training program designed and enriched by passionate FSL instructors at Ma Classe French Learning® over the past ten years providing French as a Second Language instruction (FSL), exam preparation and resource development for adults.

We offer customized learning solutions for corporations and organizations in Toronto and the GTA at competitive rates. We also cater to the general public, including small business owners, college or university students and new immigrants.

We follow a modern communicative approach and all our courses are based on the Common Reference Levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) designed by the Council of Europe and used in most educational institutions worldwide to define the learner's proficiency at each level.

All classes take place in small groups (8-10 students) online or from one of our locations in West Toronto or Etobicoke (1092 Islington Ave.)

Why learn French with us?

Small class sizes

Most groups don't exceed 8-10 students. A small class setting means increased opportunities to participate in class, sustained motivation, better retention and faster progress.

Qualified French instructors

Our teachers are fully trained in the field of French as a Second Language Instruction and have extensive experience with the communicative approach.

Focus on verbal skills

We favour a lively, engaging approach with a strong focus on spoken structures and oral communication skills to have you engage in simple conversations in French in no time.

Competitive rates

We offer competitive rates for companies in the public and private sector, as well as subsidized options for college students, new immigrants or currently unemployed professionals.

Learn French with a modern, dynamic approach

We use a proven communicative approach for all our Beginner and Intermediate programs. While all aspects of the language are covered (including reading and writing), our primary goal is to teach our students effective conversation skills and enable them to interact with ease in most day-to-day situations. We use a variety of CEFR-based resources and materials.

Where to find us

Ma Classe Learning Centre /Asset French Learning

Islington Ave & Norseman - Etobicoke

204-1092 Islington Ave
Toronto ON M8Z 4R9
  (416) 231-2666