Due to the current lockdown in Toronto, all programs resume next year - please view our schedule for additional information or contact us at info@assetfrench.com - thank you.


French conversation classes for adults

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Who we are

Asset French® is a not-for-profit program designed by FSL instructors at Ma Classe French Learning®. We have been offering the general public quality French classes at affordable rates since 2016.

All our courses are based on the popular CEFR level descriptors, supplemented by our own learning resources. All classes take place in small groups at our Islington office at 1092 Islington Ave.

We offer discounted rates for college or university students or currently unemployed adults, with flexible payment options. We encourage everyone with a genuine desire to learn French - whether for professional reasons or personal enrichment - to get in touch with us: all we need is your motivation!

Why learn French with us?

Small class sizes

Most groups don't exceed 4-6 students with a maximum of 6. A small class setting means increased opportunities to participate in class, better motivation, faster progress.

Qualified French instructors

Our teachers are fully trained in the field of French as a Second Language Instruction and have extensive experience with the communicative approach.

Learn how to speak

We favour a lively, engaging approach with a strong focus on conversation skills and spoken French.

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Regular rates of $15/hr with discounted rates for students and subsidized options if you are currently unemployed

Learn French with a modern, dynamic approach

We use a proven communicative approach for all our Beginner and Intermediate programs. While all aspects of the language are covered (including reading and writing), our primary goal is to teach our students effective conversation skills and enable them to interact in most day-to-day situations. We use a variety of CEFR-based resources and materials.

Where to find us

Ma Classe Learning Centre /Asset French Learning

Islington Ave & Norseman - Etobicoke

204-1092 Islington Ave
Toronto ON M8Z 4R9
  (416) 231-2666