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Methodology: a communicative approach

FSL instructors follow a modern communicative / functional approach that aims to equip students with effective communication skills in real-life situations, based on students’ immediate needs and expectations.

Widely acknowledged as the best approach for second language instruction, the communicative approach aims to prepare students for encourages meaningful interaction between students and teacher in authentic conversational contexts with some tolerance for minor language inaccuracies in grammar or pronunciation.

The communicative approach also determines the order in which language material is presented to learners and the progression of the course in thematic/functional units. All aspects of the language are covered and the instructor uses a selection of CEFR-based resources as well as additional media to deliver the program.

The Common European Framework (CEFR)

All programs learning resources at Ma Classe! are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for second language instruction and assessment (CEFR). Level descriptors offered by the CEFR are used worldwide (and increasingly in Canada) and identify six main levels of proficiency: A1-A2, the “Basic User” level (Full Beginner to Low Intermediate); B1-B2, the “Independent User” (Intermediate to Upper Intermediate levels) and C1-C2, the advanced User level.

"Based on empirical research and widespread consultation, this scheme makes it possible to compare tests and examinations across languages and national boundaries... It also provides a basis for recognizing language qualifications and thus facilitating educational and occupational mobility."


Testing & examination

Students enrolled in the Semi-Intensive Beginner classes will be tested on a regular basis to ensure that they reach the expected CEFR level by the end of the program. While we offer any formal examination, we encourage all students interested in having their language skills certified to register for the DELF exam.

Based on the Common European Framework of Reference for languages, the DELF A1 or A2 (“Diplôme d’Études en Langue française”) are official diplomas delivered by the French Ministry of Education and recognized all over the world. Examination sessions take place 3 times a year at the Alliance française in Toronto in March, June and November. Currently, registration costs for the DELF are $125.00.

Registration & Fees

Classes start with a minimum of 3 students and a maximum of 5-6 students. This low teacher-student ratio helps maintain the right balance between the need for active, sustained oral participation for every student and a sufficient number of students to keep lessons interactive and fun.

Registration typically starts 2-3 weeks before the program. A one-month deposit is required to secure a spot in one of our classes. In case of low registration or last-minute withdrawals, a class may be canceled and full refunds will be issued.

We charge a one-time $30 registration fee for all programs.

Fees & schedule 2020

Course Format /wk Schedule Dates Fees
A1 (72 hrs) 2x 3 hrs Tue+Thu 9:15-12:15 Jan 21-Apr 09: 1 spot left $864
A1 (72 hrs) 2x 3 hrs Wed+Fri 9:15-12:15 Apr 08-Jun 26 $864
A1 (72 hrs) 2x 2 hrs Tue+Thu 7-9 pm Feb 18-Jun 25 $1080
A1.1 (36 hrs) 3 hrs Sat 9-12 pm Apr 04-Jun 27 $540
A1.2 (36 hrs) 3 hrs Sat 9-12 pm Jul 11-Sep 26 $540
A2.1 (72 hrs) 2x 2 hrs Mon+Wed 7-9 pm Feb 19-Jun 29 $1080
A2.1 (72 hrs) 2x 3 hrs Tue+Thu 9:15-12:15 pm Apr 07-Jun 25 $864

Where to find us

Ma Classe French Learning

204-1092 Islington Ave
Toronto ON M8Z 4R9
  (416) 532-7280

Our Islington centre is only a 10-minute walk away from Islington Station on the Bloor & Danforth subway line and within walking distance of Norseman Junior Middle School. Our main intersection is Islington Ave & Norseman St.