Terms & Conditions

  • Registration takes place on a first-come, first-served basis. Group classes usually start with 3-4 students up to maximum of 5-6 students.
  • Ma Classe Learning® charges all students a one-time $30 administrative fee upon registration. This fee is non-refundable.
  • Fees are payable in advance and payment can be made either in full or monthly installments depending on the option available for each program.
  • Accepted modes of payment are cash, cheques made out to Ma Classe Learning® or Interac e-transfers to info@assetfrench.com.
  • • Students who have opted for monthly payments must provide upon registration postdated cheques covering the length of the program (from 3 to 5 months).
  • Ma Classe Learning® reserves the right to cancel a course up to 48 hours prior its start date in case of low registration or late-minute student withdrawals.
  • Once a course has started, Ma Classe Learning® is committed to guarantee the full completion of the course without any change in the schedule.
  • In the unlikely event that only one student is left in a class due to an unexpected number of withdrawals, the instructor may recommend a change of schedule or group to the remaining student.
  • Students will be notified by phone or text message of any cancellation due to exceptional events such as teacher illness, snow day, unscheduled building maintenance, etc. All cancelled sessions will be rescheduled at a date & time convenient for all students.
  • In case of teacher illness, a substitute teacher will take over the course using the same resources and methodology of the current teacher. If a substitute teacher cannot be arranged on time, the session missed will be postponed to a later date.
  • A student may withdraw from a class at any time and for any reason in the course of the program. In that case, payment is due for the current month and post-dated cheques covering the remaining months will be returned to the student.
  • Should the student be unable to attend classes due to personal or professional reasons for a maximum of 4-8 hours, short one-on-one make-up sessions will be arranged with the instructor to ensure most of the missed material is covered and the student is able to follow successfully his current course.
  • If that period exceeds 8-10 hours, the student will be encouraged to de-enroll from the course and resume in a different session. Refund for the remaining sessions will be issued.
  • No refund will be made for an interruption that doesn’t exceed 8 hours.
  • All personal information you provide during the registration and payment processes are collected for the sole purpose of delivering the best services to you. Under no circumstances your personal information will be shared – against payment or not – with a third party.
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